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Why Trump’s accounting firm ditched him

Two investigations in New York are looking at whether Donald Trump’s company falsified its records to either avoid taxes or get loans. The attorney general of New York is investigating whether Trump undervalued his properties, such as his golf courses, so the company could pony up less when it came time to pay taxes. There is a similar criminal investigation of the company led by the Manhattan district attorney, which alleges that the company doctored tax records to avoid paying taxes. Mazars said in a recent letter that a decade's worth of financial statements it prepared for the Trump Organization “should no longer be relied upon” The firm, Mazars, is a crucial link for investigators and the investigation has been going on for several years.

House Democrats say this mirrors what they found in their investigations of Trump's finances. Legal experts say this probably means that the firm that prepares his documents has arrived at its own findings. Mazars could be trying to distance themselves from the Trump Organization because they fear wrongdoing is likely to be exposed, one legal expert says. It depends on whether Mazars knew the information it was getting from Trump Organization was false.