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Why tackling drought is a significant part of Democrats’ economic package

Ruben Navarrette: Four bodies found at bottom of Lake Mead have been found. He says drought is not progressing arithmetically forward; it's not the case that drought is getting more common and more widespread each year. The effects of climate change are already here, he says, and the world is changing in ways that we would not have expected, he writes. Inflation Reduction Act, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is pushing for $4 billion for addressing drought, which is headed to President Biden’s desk, he adds, but there is no guarantee that drought will continue to get worse in the U.S. He says Drought Monitor shows how much of the population has been affected by drought.

The Inflation Reduction Act doesn’t solve this problem with a wave of a magic wand. Instead, it creates a fund that can shift the economics of water, an increasingly complicated enterprise. Places needing to conserve water could, for example, pay farmers to offset