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Who is Scott Perry, Trump ally and lawmaker whose phone was seized by FBI?

Rep. Scott Perry’s cellphone was seized Tuesday while he was traveling with his family, the congressman said in a statement. Neither Perry nor the Justice Department, which declined to comment on the seizure, said why federal agents took the congressman's phone. Perry is known for his vigorous support of Trump and for promoting baseless conspiracies on issues that range from terrorism to the coronavirus to the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. If the seizure were related to Perry's spreading of election fraud claims, he would be the first member of Congress known to have his phone seized as part of an investigation into last year's attempt at the U.S. Capitol to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. A former Justice Department official called the theory “pure insanity”

Perry has consistently voted with some of Congress’s most far-right members. The Freedom Caucus, which Perry now leads, is expected to have a significant role in selecting the next House speaker. Perry faces reelection in November, two years after he was redistricted into Pennsylvania's more competitive 10th Congressional District.