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What we know about the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump's son Eric was apparently the first person informed that the FBI had arrived at Mar-a-Lago, Florida, on Monday morning. The Secret Service was not given any notification in advance of the FBI's presence at the property. The warrant itself didn't contain much information, but the affidavit submitted for the search of Roger Stone's home gives a sense of the sort of detail that would have been more detailed. Trump's legal team was given a copy of the warrant, but has declined to release it, one source told NBC News. The search included a focus on documents Trump might have removed from the White House, attorney Christina Bobb said in an interview on a right-wing streaming service Tuesday. Trump’s attorney Lindsey Halligan is

The search involved “30 to 40” personnel, including 10 to 15 vehicles, a spokeswoman said. The office is the facility’s former bridal suite. The safe was the location of a “hotel-style safe,” an expert said. It's not clear how the FBI accessed it, though experts said it has tools for quickly opening safes.