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What if the Supreme Court had term limits from the beginning?

New poll: Two-thirds of Americans support term limits for Supreme Court justices. David Gergen: The Supreme Court has never been viewed with as much skepticism as it is now. He says a limit would shift the constitution of the court’s members significantly. Gergen says the two-party era of American politics began at around the time of the Civil War. It's hard to account for this sort of gamesmanship in our scenario, but it's certainly something that would reshape what the court looks like, Gergen writes. It doesn’t account for deaths (which might presumably occur less often with a younger bench) or resignations.. which would occur a lot, he says.Gergen: If you’re a conservative jurist who is termed

Donald Trump nominated Brett M. Kavanaugh at 53 and Amy Coney Barrett at 48 with the transparent goal of assuring they could remain conservative voices on the court for decades to come. Term limits might boot older judges from the court, but it would also reduce the impulse to appoint young justices.