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Trump’s pick for Wisconsin governor won’t weigh in on 2020 results

Tim Michels avoided addressing whether he would certify the 2024 presidential election or attempt the legally impossible feat of reversing Trump's 2020 loss. Michels’s profile contrasts with those of other gubernatorial hopefuls Trump has endorsed. Trump indicated he’d made his endorsement calculation for Wisconsin based on who he believes is most capable of defeating Gov. Tony Evers. Evers told supporters recently that if a Republican beats him this fall, “we will see the elections change to the point where the legislature makes the final decision — and that should scare the living crap out of everybody in this room” Trump has also harbored a grudge against Rebecca Kleefisch, who has argued the 2020 results were rigged by election officials.

Three Republicans running for governor in Wisconsin have said they want to keep in place a recent ban on most ballot drop boxes. They also want, in some fashion, to get rid of the bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission. Of the three Republicans, Tim Michels has been the least specific about what he wants to do with the elections commission. He has largely dodged reporters and skipped a June debate that he knew would center largely on election issues. Michels's lack of a hard line has not gone over well with some in the Republican base, including his lack of hard line on election matters. Trump put pressure on Michels and noted he had left open the possibility he would seek to revoke the state’s 10 electoral votes in the 2020 election, which he has no chance.

Kleefisch says there is “no clear path” to decertifying the 2020 election. She said as governor she would certify the 2024 presidential results because by then she would have changed the state’s election policies. She says she won’t make up her mind on whether the election had been stolen outright until Republican lawmakers complete a stalled review of the 2020 vote. She wants to disband the elections commission and give its duties to a committee of lawmakers or the secretary of state. Secretary of state Ramthun wants to give the commission's powers to the state's secretary of office, but some Republicans aren't buying his talk of invalidating the 2020 results. Evers says Republicans are reckless in how they’re talking about elections

At Trump’s rally for Michels, speaker after speaker fired up the crowd by questioning how the 2020 election was conducted. Trump repeated his false claims about a stolen election, telling the crowd: “I ran