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Trump wants to punish a Wisconsin legislator for not stealing the election

Donald Trump won the state of Wisconsin by about 22,000 votes in 2016; he lost it by a similar margin in 2020. Julian Zelizer: To an external observer, there’s nothing inherently weird about this: a swing state that tipped one way tipped the other way four years later. Zelizer says Trump has no power to overturn the results of the 2020 election; he's now endorsing a challenger to the state's assembly speaker, Robin Vos, solely because Vos hasn’t overturned the 2020 results. He says Vos has been consistent: he has no. power to decertify the election; there is no reason for him to do so; he is mad that Vos won't do a thing he can't do so.

Trump wants Wisconsin legislators to invent a way that he can be retroactively declared the winner in 2020 and, since Vos won’t do that, he’s lashing out. The probe found nothing to suggest that the election results in Wisconsin shouldn't stand.