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Trump wanted ‘totally loyal’ generals like Hitler’s, new book says

A new book about the Trump presidency paints a picture of a president at conflict with his own military leaders, who were torn between resigning in protest and staying on as members of the Trump administration. Trump told his chief of staff that he wanted "totally loyal" generals like the ones who had served Adolf Hitler. Gen. Mark A. Milley drafted a resignation letter in the days after military police fired gas canisters and used grenades containing rubber pellets. Milley said he believed Trump was “doing great and irreparable harm” to the country, adding that he no longer believed he could change that. A spokesman for Trump had no immediate comment about the revelations in the book, which was published Monday in the New Yorker.

Milley feared that Trump’s ‘Hitler-like’ embrace of his own lies about the election would lead him to seek a ‘Reichstag moment, Baker and Glasser wrote