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Trump voters back his candidates. Some aren’t so sure about a 2024 bid.

Tuesday's primary results across the country were unquestionably a show of strength for Donald Trump’s enduring influence over the GOP. Recent polls and focus groups suggest softening enthusiasm for a third Trump campaign. Many voters still doubt he would be the best nominee for president and show openness to potential rivals, most often Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. A New York Times-Siena College poll in July found that 49 percent of Republican primary voters said they would support Trump again. Anti-Trump Republican strategist Sarah Longwell observed a distinct drop-off in Trump's support, with no participants wanting him to run again, Longwell said. Longwell: These voters are exhausted with the Trump circus and bored of his fixation on the 2020 election.

Arizona, in particular, has been a hotbed of fervor for Trump and his false election claims. Fox News’ early call that Joe Biden won the state — the second Democratic presidential nominee to do so since 1948 — enraged Trump and led him to claim in an election night speech that the race was being stolen. “I’d prefer he didn’t run again because it’s not good for the country,” a woman named Kelly who declined to give her last name after voting at a church in Scottsdale, said she would vote for him a third time. Some Trump supporters said their allegiance was undimmed and said they would love for Trump to run in 2024 — “hopefully sooner”

Other Republican voters hardened in their opposition to Trump. "I can’t vote for people who undermine our democratic process," David James said. David James, a Republican voter in Chandler, said he voted against Trump’s picks because of their claims about widespread voter