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Trump targets top Wisconsin GOP lawmaker for not overturning election

Wisconsin's 2020 election results still stand, showing that Joe Biden won Wisconsin by more than 20,000 votes. Trump has repeatedly pressured Vos to find a way to overturn the election results, which the state lawmaker has said is impossible and illegal. A nonpartisan audit and review by a conservative group found no evidence of significant electoral fraud in the state. The alliance between the two came to a clear end on Friday night as Trump held a rally in the Milwaukee suburbs and urged his supporters to vote for Vos’s challenger, Adam Steen. Trump formally endorsed Steen on Tuesday after weeks of threatening to do so, especially after the state Supreme Court ruled July 8 that most absentee ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin are illegal. Vos stood by his decision not to pursue decertification

Wisconsin Speaker John Vos has been in office for 18 years and has been speaker for a decade. The winner of Tuesday’s primary will face Gov. Tony Evers (D) in November. Some Wisconsinites said they didn’t know who Vos was, even though he has been a legislator for more than 18 years. Vos and former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman have clashed at times over the 2020 election results. The winners will face the winner of the primary and the winner will face Evers, a Democrat, in November, in the state's November election. Trump's visit to Wisconsin came a week after conservative activist Harry Wait used a state website to have an absentee ballot for Vos sent to his own home for him.

Scott Godden, who works in health care, said he supported Trump in 2016 and 2020. Godden lives in the Milwaukee suburb of Mequon, about 50 miles from Vos’s district.