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Top Republicans echo Trump’s evidence-free claims to discredit FBI search

Donald Trump says the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago Club is a political attack to impede his chances to run again for the White House. Republican lawmakers quickly seized on the former president’s rhetoric, casting the search, without evidence, as federal government overreach against a political adversary. Democrats, meanwhile, weighed in more slowly, applauding the news of the search and urging the Justice Department to fully investigate the ex-president's handling of classified information. Sen. Lindsey O. Graham, a onetime Trump critic, said Monday on Twitter: “Launching such an investigation of a former President this close to an election is beyond problematic.” A person familiar with the investigation related to the search of Trump's safe at Mar-A-Lago

Some Democrats cheered the news that there was enough evidence against the former president for a court-approved search warrant of his private property. Some Democrats accused Trump and Republicans of hypocrisy after years of attempting to prosecute their political enemies. Some Republicans, even those with an eye on the White House in 2024, were swift in their condemnation of the raid and rallied behind Trump, firing off similar statements. Some strategists argued that the investigation gives Trump and his allies a new chance to play the victim card to great effect, but it is also a reminder to voters of the baggage he carries. “Might Trump be questioning his ever running for office. He has more avenues to prison than Al Capone did,” tweeted Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) Rep.

Some Republicans attempted to paint a dystopian picture of America. “If you’re a Republican with any kind of voice