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To sue the New York Times and his niece, Trump turned to a low-profile attorney from New Jersey

Alina Habba, from a four-attorney firm with offices near Trump’s Bedminster, N.J., filed a $100 million lawsuit against the New York Times on Tuesday. It is unclear why Kasowitz stopped representing Trump in a defamation case brought by Summer Zervos. Habba has filed other lawsuits against media outlets this year, but she does not list media law among her specialties. In recent weeks, three of Trump's high-profile attorneys have withdrawn from cases in which they represented him or his family. Neither Trump nor Habba responded to requests for comment Wednesday. But the former president still has many lawyers — and many legal headaches — but still has a lot to go with, including a lawsuit against office tenants and the U.S. Capitol.

Habba has represented a man suing a New Jersey nursing home for allegedly lax care during the coronavirus pandemic. Habba's new lawsuit against the Times, its reporters and Mary Trump reads, at times, like a missive from Trump himself. Mary L. Trump told the Daily Beast that she thinks the lawsuit is a sign of “desperation” on the part of Trump. In the Zervos defamation case, the former “Apprentice” contestant said Trump had sexually assaulted her in a hotel room.