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The views of extreme Republicans whom Dems are helping in primaries

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is spending $435,000 to meddle in a key House primary in Pennsylvania. It's the latest example in which Democrats have meddled to help nominate a more extreme candidate. Some House Democrats have derided the strategy, saying it's "mind-blowing" to prop up someone who is "telling the very kinds of lies that caused Jan. 6 and continues to put our democracy in danger" Several of the candidates Democrats have cozied up to the QAnon movement, including Doug Mastriano, Dan Cox and Dan Cox. Cox called Vice President Mike Pence a “traitor” and called on Trump to seize voting machines and falsely claimed that voter fraud was “rampant.”

The DCCC chairman defended the strategy, saying it needed to be done strategically and that Democrats have a high bar for that. But is it worth elevating someone like a right-wing Republican who has falsely claimed Trump won the 2020 election? Democrats are now “attacking” Gibbs for being “too conservative” — a common meddling ploy that is actually meant to elevate someone in a GOP primary full of conservative voters. But the newly redrawn district is competitive enough that a candidate like Gibbs could win it in a good GOP election year, as 2022 is likely to be. Such actions undercut Democrats’ argument that these kinds of Republicans are simply too dangerous to serve in elected office.