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The right’s post-Mar-a-Lago effort to impugn the FBI kicks up a notch

Trump attorney Christina Bobb suggested that the FBI acted inappropriately at Mar-a-Lago on Monday morning. She says she asked to see their warrant when she arrived at the scene; she claims they at first resisted. Another Trump attorney, Alina Habba, appeared on Fox News Tuesday night with host Jesse Watters. There is literally no reason to think the FBI wanted to add anything to the evidence that wasn’t already present, says Julian Zelizer. Zelizer: The idea that they would do so in this context makes no sense. It is not, even in Bobb’s vague formulation, that it is not credible. Asserting that there is reason (or want others to believe) that the bureau is inherently corrupt and out to get Trump

Frida Ghitis: Conservatives are using unfounded allegations of wrongdoing against the government as a reason to distrust the government and suggest that the government committed acts of wrongdoing. She says it's a good example of how isolated, decontextualized claims targeting the FBI have propagated through the conservative bubble with the central aim of casting the bureau and not Trump as the dubious actor. Ghitis says this isn’t skepticism, but it's an effort to use eroded trust in law enforcement to further erode trust in the law enforcement. Trump is continuing a years-long pattern of disparaging the integrity of the FBI at every opportunity, solely to inoculate his supporters against occasions in which he was or might be the focus of FBI’s interest.