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The electoral outlook for Democrats shifts from bleak to blurry

David Gergen: Polls show that Democrats are holding their own with Republicans in polls that ask people which party they plan to support. He says Biden's approval rating is remarkably low, which often correlates to poor performance in November. But it's unusual in recent years that a president would be viewed very poorly even as his party is running even in the generic ballot. Gergen says Biden’s net approval (the percentage who approve of his job performance minus those who don’t) went from minus-17 to minus-16 since the decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson, the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, has gotten better for Democrats, and the former hasn't gotten worse since late June. In the 90 days before Dobbs, Biden's net approval dropped

David Gergen: What looked six months ago like a robust Republican rout this November is now something murkier. He asks: Will Democrats continue to improve on the generic ballot as Biden stays flat? That could help the party break what Biden’s approval rating suggests will be a rough year for his party. Or will the energy in the race be shifted back in the other direction? Gergen asks: We like to talk about what might happen, but we simply have to wait and see.