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Takeaways from the Minnesota, Vermont and Wisconsin primaries

Special elections are one of the better indicators we have of what lies ahead in the November elections. Donald Trump’s endorsed candidates win the vast majority of the time, but in competitive races, GOP primary voters have often gone a different direction. It appears all 50 states will soon have sent at least one woman to Congress; Georgia appears very much the outlier. The first woman to be elected to Congress was Jeannette Rankin in 1916; it appears it will be more than a century since she was elected to the first woman in 1916. The primary season continues to be one for Donald Trump's endorsements — albeit more positive than negative than negative, but a message has certainly been sent to a state House Speaker Robin Vos (R) in Arizona last week, but his late effort to unseat

Vermont is the last state to send a woman to Congress. The state Senate President Becca Balint will still have to face a male opponent in the general election. About 400 women have been sent to Congress