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Some Republicans fear party is too extreme on abortion and gay rights

GOP strategists say the party is moving too far out of sync with public opinion on social issues. The Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade and ending a nationwide right to abortion last month has spawned strict new bans and stirred fears that gay rights and access to contraception could be next. Some Republicans call Democrats extreme for opposing restrictions on abortion later in pregnancy, as a fetus nears viability. But other Republicans say their opponents are stoking unfounded fears that the Supreme Court's ruling could pave the way for rollbacks of other rights. “The vast majority of America … are not where the extreme sides are,” said Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), who has the endorsement of major antiabortion groups.

A candidate for Minnesota lieutenant governor called female abortion rights advocates “disgusting” and “odious on the inside and out” Another GOP candidate said that “our culture loudly but also stealthily, promotes abortion, telling women they should look a certain way, have careers” Republicans have cited a range of reasons for opposing the contraceptives bill, saying it would make religious groups violate their beliefs. A federal bill to prevent states from banning travel for abortion also met Republican opposition in the Senate this month, underscoring a contrast with public opinion. Even among GOP strategists who warn about alienating women, there is uncertainty whether the issue can break through as Republicans blame Democratic leaders for inflation, crime and fears of a recession. “The economy still looms very large,”

Some Republicans have warned for months that backlash against discussions of LGBTQ issues in schools could brand the party anti-gay. The Texas GOP added language to their party platform calling homosexuality “an abnormal lifestyle choice” The president of the Log Cabin Republicans, a national group for gay conservatives, pointed to significant GOP support for the federal same-sex marriage bill as evidence of progress. A spokesperson for the Republican National Committee said “Democrats are out-of-touch on every single issue from the economy to abortion and voters will be sure to remind them in November’s election.