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Sean Hannity is exactly who we might have assumed

Sean Hannity appeared in an ad for Donald Trump’s candidacy before the 2016 election. That November, Hannity spoke at a Trump rally in Missouri. CNN released text messages apparently sent from Hannity to Mark Meadows, the president's chief of staff. Hannity denied a role in the ad, but then he made his own, according to a new book. The network said in a statement that Hannity would not participate in any such events in the election season, but he later appeared in a new ad for the president in a Fox News show on his show in Missouri. Hannity said he had nothing do with the spot known inside the campaign as ‘the Hannity ad,’ and disputed that he wrote any commercials for Trump. The ad did run — on Hannity's show, during

CNN releases new messages from Sean Hannity to Rep. Rick Meadows. They include apparent pitch to Meadows that Hannity and Meadows could invest in real estate in North Carolina together. David Gergen: For all of the ethical breaches of Hannity's interactions with Trump’s team, they were not obviously insincere. He says Hannity intimates that he's closer to the president than his own employer; he's at war with Fox, he writes. Gergen says Hannity endorsed Trump in 2016; he rallied with him in 2018; he worked to help keep Trump in power in 2020. No one should have any misconceptions about who Hannity is and how he uses his platforms, he says, but he's not a perfect fit for Fox News. It's a reminder that,