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Newt Gingrich, last House speaker to visit Taiwan, downplays China threats

China has threatened to shoot down any U.S. military aircraft flying to Taiwan. Newt Gingrich says China's threats are largely “bluff,” but are nothing new from the Chinese. Pelosi is expected to arrive in Taiwan on Tuesday night, local time, for an unscheduled but highly-anticipated stop as part of a congressional delegation to Asia. The White House said it is prepared for China to take a range of retaliatory measures in response to Pelosi’s visit that could include firing missiles around Taiwan, staging large-scale military exercises in the region or making public statements about Taiwan's status that go beyond the norm. The island is on high alert for a show of force from Beijing, and the White House is

Pelosi's visit represents a test for Taiwan as it continues to seek more international recognition. China’s Ministry of Defense said that the Chinese People’�s Liberation Army would “not sit idly by” should Pelosi visit Taiwan. Pelosi had to walk a fine line in the lead-up to her trip, supporting Taiwan but never appearing to endorse its independence. A Chinese journalist issued what appeared to be a direct threat against Pelosi.