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New York and Texas go to battle over a surge in immigrants

New York Mayor Eric Adams said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott didn't welcome migrants to the U.S. He said New York City was "the ideal destination for these migrants" D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser similarly asked for support from the federal government to process the busloads of migrants arriving in her city. This is all triggered, of course, by the increase in migrants stopped at the border with Mexico. Census Bureau data from 2020 show that cities with large populations of Mexican-born residents are largely in Texas, with the exception of Chicago. Foreign-born citizens from other countries outside of Central America tend to live in more populous counties. That matters in part because cities like New York and Washington have relatively small populations of people from

New York has a large population of people from Latin America, but a lot of them are from the Caribbean and often didn’t arrive by crossing the border with Mexico. New York and Washington may see more arrivals who have relatives in those cities who are arriving independently of efforts by Abbott. Those taking advantage of the free transportation offer may be less likely to have family at their destination and therefore fewer resources.