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New poll shows Biden’s 2024 primary problems aren’t just abstract

New Hampshire poll shows Biden in a virtual first-place tie with Pete Buttigieg, who is pulling 17 percent to Biden’s 16 percent. Biden's image rating among Democrats is just 19 points more positive than negative — worse than all of politicians except Ocasio-Cortez. Biden is on the table for about as many voters as Warren (10 percent first choice, 8 percent second choice), Sanders (8 percent and 11 percent) and Newsom. It also seems, well, quite unlikely that Biden will wind up running again in such a crowded field: Almost every. person on this list has said they would support him if he ran again. But what about a narrower hypothetical race?

Biden was the first or second choice of just 1 in 5 voters in the New Hampshire poll. Biden was also the first choice of an incumbent president and vice president. Biden is likely to make a final decision on whether to run for reelection in 2016. The poll shows that Biden holds only a small lead despite Harris also being a pretty unpopular politician. It's also possible Biden’s fortunes improve and Democrats warm to renominating him over the next year.