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Memo shows Wis. GOP lawyer privately opposed decertifying Biden’s 2020 win

A newly unearthed memo shows that a former justice offered a far different analysis in private. Michael Gableman said decertification of the 2020 presidential election "is theoretically possible, it is unprecedented and raises numerous substantial constitutional issues that would be difficult to resolve" The memo was released under the state’s open records law to the liberal watchdog group American Oversight, which shared it with The Washington Post. The contrasting public and private messages offer a glimpse into the dueling pressures facing Republicans in Wisconsin as they struggle to balance Trump's baseless demands for reversing the election with the legal and political realities on the ground. With competitive races this year for governor and U.S. Senate, the party is seeking to excite Trump's base, while not alienating centrist voters.

Vos has called for defeating Gov. Tony Evers (D) in this year’s election. Evers has vetoed legislation to overhaul how elections are run. Vos met with John Eastman, the constitutional lawyer who advised Trump that Vice President Mike Pence could delay Biden's certification on Jan. 6, 2021. Inevitable legal challenges would not be resolved by courts until after the 2024 presidential election, Gableman wrote, saying they don't have the time or resources to pursue decertification. The attorney general's review has moved slowly, in part because Attorney General Josh Kaul sued him after he tried to interview public officials in secret in secret. Kaul's probe has cost Wisconsin taxpayers more than $1 million.