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Jared Kushner alleges chief of staff shoved Ivanka Trump at White House

Jared Kushner alleges John F. Kelly shoved his wife, Ivanka Trump, out of his way after a heated Oval Office meeting. Kelly denies the allegation, saying he would never intentionally shove a woman. Kelly was viewed within the White House as a bully with a “Jekyll-and-Hyde” demeanor, Jared Kushner writes in his memoir. Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general, viewed his mandate as bringing order and military-style discipline to the West Wing, but some in Trump's orbit chafed under Kelly's strict procedures, which included requiring the president’s family to alert Kelly to their work-related interactions with Trump. The Washington Post obtained excerpts of the memoir, which is set to be published on

Jared Kushner recounts another incident in Beijing in which Kelly got into a fight with Chinese officials after a Chinese security official tried to prevent Trump’s military aide from joining the president in a meeting with the “nuclear football” The attempt by the Chinese to meddle with the nuclear football, Kushner writes, “was an alarming diplomatic breach” But he also describes Kelly as being overly aggressive, and using the moment to assert his authority over the Chinese. In an email, Kelly, like Kushner, said the incident occurred when Chinese officials attempted to interfere with the diplomatic pouch.