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How Trump’s effort to overturn 2020 is sanitized for the general public

Julian Zelizer: There was untapped demand for media that sat closer to the fringe than Fox generally traveled. He says there's a growing number of fringier outlets competing with Fox on cable and on the internet. Zelizer says the Michigan secretary of state did things "considered unlawful" by a judge, but that's not true. He asks: "A lot of folks” are concerned about the election, which serves as a rationale for suggesting there was something to be concerned about. The implication for the casual viewer is that the election results were suspect because of some sketchy activity by partisans. It's endlessly useful: Stoke fears and then cite fears as a reason to stoke them further.

Candidates offer cleaned-up version of Trump’s fraud claims that the GOP establishment has settled upon as a way to appeal to its voter base while not alienating Trump. But neither of those things is true, as both Baier (who asked if the election was “stolen”) and Dixon know. Dixon was responding after 18 months of evolution, a year-and-a-half of attempts to defend Trump that have been burnished in the right's rhetorical rock-tumbler. Dixon: "I want to make sure that political speech is always protected because that could open a can of worms for anybody on both sides of the party"