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House Democrats delay votes on police, guns after internal infighting

House Democrats postponed consideration of a package of bills that would address public safety and ban assault weapons. Vulnerable members in swing districts have spent the last several weeks pushing leaders to vote on legislation that would help fund local law enforcement. The push to increase police funding has infuriated liberals who would rather see such money redirected to community policing, as well as Black lawmakers and civil rights groups who want accountability and transparency measures attached to police funding. Members now hope to reconsider the package by mid-August, when they return from a break. “We’re Democrats. We’d like to talk and, you know, go back and forth and continue to talk. That’s who we are. That's who we're," Rep. Jim McGovern said.

CBC is playing an active role to find a compromise, a source says. Liberals and some Black lawmakers have been critical of additional funding for law enforcement without new policies governing policing practices. A proposal to overhaul policing tactics that passed the House last year died in the Senate. The delay has irritated front-liners who were hoping to immediately start campaigning on funding police departments even if some of the measures might not pass an evenly split Senate. A majority of Democrats agree on several other bills that make up the legislative package, including dissolving a civil liability law protecting gunmakers. But leadership’s decision to pull the public safety bills until there is a compromise has made it difficult to vote on just the assault weapon ban, since it relies on all but four Democrats to support it.