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Google gets green light to exempt campaign emails from spam detection

The Federal Election Commission on Thursday advised Google that a proposed pilot program allowing political campaigns to evade automated spam detection would not violate federal campaign finance law. The vote on the six-member body, which is split evenly by party, was four in favor and one against, with one abstention. Google sought the FEC’s approval for the program following a months-long pressure campaign waged by the GOP, which accused Google of unfairly filtering its emails. Google has defended its spam filters, which it says are effective in blocking more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing and malware. The pilot program is likely to last about six months, although the timing of its implementation was not immediately clear. The proposed program has not placated Republicans

Commissioner: Google's request elicited a record number of public comments, almost all of them asking the FEC to turn Google down. Commissioners said the comments reflect that “People don’t like spam.” Republican commissioner: "Is it not the case that by putting this pilot program in place, that Google is actually making a commercial decision to make sure that they’re completely unbiased?” Commissioner: "I think the law and the Commission’s regulations.. permit this"