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Fox News and Trump debut new baseless defense: What about Obama?

Conservative media have debuted a new whataboutism defense: What about Obama? It's a ridiculous comparison wielded by people who in many cases probably know better. It's the kind of thing that sounds superficially similar to someone with no base-level knowledge of how these processes work. As was reported back in late 2016, the Obama team was transferring the records to Chicago through the National Archives, which legally owns the documents once a president leaves office. There isn’t the faintest hint of legal violations — nor does the Post’s story suggest as much as the search warrant at Mar-a-Lago was prompted by the Obama administration. It notes the records that were shipped to Chicago have yet to be made available in digital form:

Hannity said the National Archives shipped 30 million pages of sensitive and possibly classified materials to Chicago. But there's no evidence he's hidden anything from the Archives or that he didn’t go through the processes required to share and protect those documents. The Archives has said on the record that it previously retrieved 15 boxes from Mar-a-Lago that should have been turned over to it