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Fox is talking about Trump less because it’s busy talking about Biden

Frida Ghitis: Fox News has leaned into its role as the political opposition. She says Fox News is often bypassing Donald Trump in favor of showcasing other Republicans. Ghitis says it's hard to establish objective figure for how much Trump should be covered, but search data shows interest in Biden is much higher than in normal times. She notes that Fox has dedicated less time to talking about the investigation into the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol than other news outlets, and more time to criticize the former president.Ghitis: In normal times, a sitting president should be a subject of more media coverage than a former one; these are not normal times. These are times when the former chief executive has worked energetically to remain in the public conversation

On average since January 2021, Trump has appeared on MSNBC (in stills or video snippets) about 338 minutes per month, more than twice as often as CNN and Fox News (which has the lowest average) Since Biden took office, Fox News has on average mentioned him 1.9 times more often than CNN each month. Trump should receive less coverage than when he was president, but that doesn't apply easily.