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Event venues (like Trump’s Mar-a-Lago) are not good places to store nuclear secrets

On Monday, the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago and procured a number of boxes of material from the property. It was the latest stage in a protracted effort to secure material that Trump took with him when he left office, including classified documents. A storage room near the pool was a focus of investigators’ attention in weeks before the FBI moved in. A Justice Department official reportedly visited the property and was shown the room in June; after that visit the department recommended that a lock be added for additional security. But remember that we’re not simply talking about a room near a pool that is used regularly for events. A quick review of Instagram shows how often this area is a centerpiece of events at the facility.

It's not yet clear where the storage area searched by the FBI is located, but it was a focal point of activity as part of Mar-a-Lago’s day-to-day business. The government also subpoenaed surveillance footage that could have given officials a glimpse of who was coming in and out of the room. This may have been an effort to assess the level of risk posed by having material near publicly accessible areas.