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Democrats have joined Republicans in calling their opponents ‘enemies’

Frida Ghitis: Democracy is a constant allocation of power based on measuring the views of the public. She says the idea behind democracy is that differences get resolved through consensus. Ghitis says that in order for democracy to work, we need for advocates of the losing side to view the win as legitimate. Democracy isn’t simply voting once and being done; it’s a constant, utility of the process, she says. If you don't win today, you might win tomorrow. That, by itself, reinforces the utility of democracy, Ghitis writes. She adds that recent patterns in U.S. politics are so alarming. Most Democrats and most Republicans now think seeing the other party win means not simply that they enact unfavorable policies but that their very lives may be at stake.

A plurality of Americans think that the biggest threat to American way of life is other Americans. The trend toward demonizing the other party is long-standing. Republicans are 18 points more likely to point to economic forces than Democrats.