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Democrats face blowback after boosting far-right Michigan candidate

Democrats have tried to interfere in multiple GOP primaries, using ads that appear to be attacks on more extreme candidates as a way to subtly promote those contenders. Critics say the attempt to boost John Gibbs is reckless and undermines Democrats’ argument that they are the party upholding democracy. Democrats will see whether their high-stakes gambit to take out Rep. Peter Meijer will win them the seat in November. Some of the criticism has come from within the party, including from within their own ranks, who say it's a "very risky proposition" for Democrats to meddle in the primaries. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent $435,000 on its ad, which showed a string of images of Gibbs with Trump and called him “too conservative for west Michigan”

Meijer accuses Democrats of helping Gibbs because their ad cost more than Gibbs’s campaign has spent on the race. Gibbs downplays the role of the ad, arguing that the work of his supporters had given him momentum. Gibbs in November will face Democrat Hillary Scholten, who was unopposed in Tuesday's Democratic primary. Schollten says the ad by the DCCC is exactly the kind of thing that makes me “fed up with Washington and ready to fight for the people of West Michigan” Other voters said they were bothered by Meijers' impeachment vote because she didn’t think anyone had done anything wrong on Jan. 6. “I’m not a Trump fan,” said Jessica Morgan,