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Conn. lawmakers pass bill to be ‘place of refuge’ for abortion patients

The Connecticut state Senate gave final approval late Friday to a novel plan to turn the state into an abortion safe haven for patients who live in conservative states that are moving rapidly to restrict access to the procedure. The bill was designed to shield patients and abortion providers against some of the most controversial elements of recent state-level antiabortion laws. The inspiration for the bill was a Texas law that relies on the threat of civil lawsuits to enforce a ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. The new measure adds Connecticut to a list of Democrat-led states that have sought in recent months to bolster their abortion protections in advance of a Supreme Court decision expected this summer. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, restricting out-of-state abortions is likely to become “the next frontier”

It would allow anyone in Connecticut sued under a Texas-style abortion law to countersue for damages, attorneys’ fees and other costs. The measure would also shield people from out-of-state summons or subpoenas issued in cases related to abortion procedures that are legal in Connecticut. Some Republicans in the legislature objected to that particular provision.