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Brandon returns, darkly: Democrats turn an insult into a pro-Biden meme

Democrats have turned the “Let’s go, Brandon” meme around and reclaiming it as their own version of Biden fan fiction. The new liberal-driven meme is meant to depict Biden as having superpowers, able to smite an al-Qaeda leader and pass legislation through Congress with ease. The tone reflects the shift in outlook at the White House, from a struggle to accomplish items on Biden's agenda to a mood of more swaggering confidence. The imagery has roots among anti-Biden users on social media, but has quickly gone from some of the far corners of the internet into more mainstream use by administration officials, liberal commentators and U.S. senators. The White House has openly ruminated about changing their Twitter biographies to state that they work for

The phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” has waxed and waned in popularity among right-wing online influencers since October 2021. Biden supporters en masse began referring to him as Dark Brandon, with imagery of the president as the shadowy dark lord who authorized a drone strike. The Dark Brandon imagery began to gain traction in March and April, but often in ways that were not complimentary of Biden. Lately, it has ticked up again after Trump was greeted with chants of the phrase at a golf tournament, and it's more frequently used than at the beginning of the year. Critics on Monday pointed to what they alleged was Nazi imagery in the background of some of the images. But one user says the image was in no way meant to evoke any Nazi elements.

White House officials said they wanted to tap into the zeitgeist and saw an opportunity to draw attention to successes they had last week. It is unclear whether Biden knows about the new direction the memes about him have taken. White House aides have been more selective about when to engage on social media.