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Blake Masters and Kari Lake are not the same kind of Republican

Julian Zelizer: Kari Lake's lead in the Arizona Republican primary for governor is narrow, but she's up by about 12,000 votes, less than 2 percentage points. Zelizer says Lake is a candidate in the Trump mold, leveraging celebrity, charisma and a willingness to reflect the GOP fringe’s complaints back to it. He says Blake Masters, the Republican nominee for Senate, is something else; it's not the case that the entire slate mirrors Trump's MAGA-laced, culture-war heavy approach to politics. Zelizer and Peter Thiel want to drain the swamp and make a fortune selling gatorskin boots, among his acolytes is Masters, he says. He adds that this mirrors a lot of what Trump did, but, again, he was being mostly opportunistic

On the campaign trail, Masters’s appeals were fittingly bleak in a way that diverged from Lake. Lake, on the other hand, is a candidate born of the Trump era. Her appeals were often echoes of the stuff Trump says, about the election being stolen and so on. Masters made that clear with the release of his first ad of the general election this week.