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Biden’s summer blitz reinforces how vital a small number of voters can be

Julian Zelizer: It appears unlikely that Democrats will maintain control of all three levers of lawmaking power after 2022. He says they have a significant amount to show for it now after a flurry of late legislative wins this summer. Zelizer says the climate and health-care bill is expected to pass in the House later this week; it comes on top of a nearly $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package, a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, the most significant gun bill in decades and possibly the codification of a nationwide right to same-sex marriage next month. Fewer than 80,000 voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin gave us President Donald Trump rather than President Hillary Clinton, he says. Zelizer writes.

Republicans were about 1,000 New Hampshire votes shy of another Senate vote in 2016. That's the margin by which then-Gov. Maggie Hassan defeated Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) by that margin. That margin was the margin that gave Democrats the presidency, the House and the Senate the trifecta. It's likely we’ll see a repeat of these narrow margins proving so crucial in the near future, writes Julian Zelizer. It should serve as a reminder ahead of November’s elections that small numbers of votes can make a big difference.