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Biden, trying to tout his policies, faces a familiar intruder: Trump

President Biden has had a hard time competing for attention with the predecessor he calls “The Former Guy” The phenomenon is a rarity in modern politics. It’s becoming a striking feature of the Biden presidency that the former president is regularly intruding to steal the public spotlight, less because of his current actions than the aftershocks of his presidency. No president in memory has had to contend with a predecessor who falsely claims he won the last election and hints broadly that he will run again, while land mines from his time in office continue to erupt. Biden promised voters he would seek to not grab their attention the way Trump did, but he may not have imagined that Trump would continue to seize that attention.

Biden's actions on the global stage were often overshadowed by the Jan. 6 congressional hearings. Biden continues with his earnest attempts at enacting and touting policy achievements. But even though some could have generational impact, they can get overtaken in the news by the sugar high of Trump drama. The country is still experiencing the aftershocks from the Trump earthquake of four years, but it means that events often seem to be playing out in parallel worlds. Biden: In one, Biden signs laws, holds traditional presidential events and rarely mentions Trump; in the other, shocking revelations regularly unfold on what resembles a perpetual Trump news channel. But for Biden, the feeling is not unusual.