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Biden ends his covid isolation, urging Americans to get vaccinated

President Biden emerged from his covid-19 isolation on Wednesday. Biden urged people to take advantage of vaccine boosters, antivirals and at-home tests. Biden's experience mirrors that of more privileged Americans, who have learned to live with coronavirus as part of their new normal. For millions of Americans, the resources and flexibility that Biden touted remain out of reach. Biden has access to ample home tests and can test himself regularly; he has the best medical care in the world, and his doctor was able to prescribe him Paxlovid right away; studies show it is difficult to obtain in some parts of the country, particularly for those who lack access to regular medical care. Many people cannot afford to stay home because paid leave protections have lapsed and some employers have lost patience

The president’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, confirmed last week that Biden was probably infected with BA.5, an omicron subvariant that is the most transmissible version of the virus yet. The administration has struggled to contain the pandemic since Biden came into office, in part because it has faced increasingly transmissible variants with an extraordinary ability to escape immune protections afforded by vaccinations and prior infection. Many Americans continue to insist, against overwhelming evidence, that the coronavirus is not a serious threat or that the vaccines are ineffective or even dangerous. Biden encouraged Congress to continue investing in “vaccinations, treatments, tests and more” to make them available to “the American people on a permanent basis” Experts say many Americans now avoid testing altogether.

Biden nodded to the fact that the pandemic does not affect everyone equally. Biden said deaths had dropped 90 percent since January 2021. Most fatalities are among those who are not up to date on their vaccinations, he said. Karan said the administration should focus on reducing transmission, rather than attacking the symptoms