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Asked about threats to the FBI, Scalise claims without evidence that agents went ‘rogue’

Frida Ghitis: GOP Rep. Steve Scalise didn't condemn FBI search of ex-President Donald Trump's Florida home. She says Scalise was asked about the toxic climate the FBI is facing during a Fox News interview. Ghitis asks: How is the GOP demonstrating its support for those law enforcement officers? She asks: What happened to the Republican Party backing the blue, and in particular the 35,000 members of law enforcement at the FBI? Ghitis says it should be considered in context of anti-FBI rhetoric, threats against the FBI, AG Merrick Garland and the judge who signed the search warrant that led to a flurry of violent discussion among pro-Trump groups on Jan. 6 occurred because that anger was given a crystallizing time and place, but that doesn't mean that isolated incidents of violence aren’t possible.

The difference is obvious: who’s making the threats against Supreme Court justices and those involved in the Mar-a-Lago search are coming from the right. Scalise said federal judges are not, by law, allowed to be threatened that way.