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After Roe, Democrats say they, not the GOP, are the party of freedom

Democrats are gravitating toward a freedom-focused message more commonly used as a rallying cry by Republicans. After years of ceding to the right an ideal central to the nation’s identity, Democrats now see an opening to establish their own narrative around personal freedoms. A Post analysis found a marked increase in the term “freedom” being used in social media messaging of Democratic leaders and left-wing influencers and organizations since the leak of the draft Supreme Court ruling in early May. Democrats think it means you should have the ability to make decisions about your own body, who you marry and what books you read, and I think we have the high ground in that debate,” Dan Pfeiffer, former White House communications director for President Barack Obama said.

Democratic candidates are increasingly using “freedom’s” to differentiate themselves from their GOP opponents. Republicans have talked more about freedom in their campaign messaging. Democrats have increased their use of the word "freedom" since the leak of the draft Roe opinion in May. The freedom-focused message is also being echoed by President Biden, who said freedom is “on the ballot this coming November” Even as Democrats increase use of freedom, it remains a top talking point for Republicans, who have talked about it in recent weeks, it has been a top GOP talking point. The highest number of Democratic ads mentioning freedom have aired in the two weeks after the Roe decision was struck down. The most recent Democratic ad mentioning freedom has aired 28,747 times compared with Republican ads about freedom

Democrat Cheri Beasley is running for the U.S. Senate in North Carolina. She blasted her opponent, GOP Rep.