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2020 lives on in Wisconsin, Michigan. Will it hurt the GOP this fall?

David Gergen: Republicans in Wisconsin and Michigan are mired in election denial and divided over what to do about it. Gergen says GOP House Speaker extended taxpayer-funded contract of ex-Supreme Court justice who led review of 2020 results. He says claims of rigged elections risk raising further doubts about the integrity of elections, with implications for voter turnout.Gergen: Some GOP strategists in Wisconsin fear it could hinder party’s chances of defeating Gov. Tony Evers, who narrowly won in 2018, in midterms in 2018. He asks: Will it hurt their prospects in November's midterm elections if it continues to be contested and undiagnosed in the U.S., Gergen writes; it's time to get back on track with November's midterms.

Michigan delegates endorsed candidates for attorney general and secretary of state who are outright 2020 election deniers and who both have Trump’s backing. Matthew DePerno defeated a former Michigan House speaker in a runoff at the convention to become the endorsed candidate ahead of the August primary. Kristina Karamo has been consistent in her embrace of conspiracy theories and false claims about what happened in Michigan in 2020, when Biden defeated Trump by nearly three percentage points and more than 150,000 votes. The fallout from the convention has left GOP strategists worried about the implications for November, as they hope to oust the three Democrats in the top state offices. The Republican primary for governor has a large field of candidates, none of whom has yet taken control of the race, a circumstance that has caused national Republicans.

A Republican Party that has been twisted and distorted by the false claims