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Opinion Zawahiri’s death shows U.S. focus even two decades after 9/11

Frida Ghitis: Ayman al-Zawahiri was perhaps a truer portrait of the contained rage that fueled al-Qaeda. She says the U.S. made some disastrous mistakes in the counterterrorism crusade that began on 9/11. But in pursuing the core counterterrorism mission, this country remained focused, Ghitis says. Ghitis : Zawahir was a hard man whose resistance was fueled by hatred and contempt for his enemies, contempt for the West and its enemies. The United States overreacted, as a country and military, sending armies of occupation to Muslim lands in precisely the way Zawhiri and bin Laden must have dreamed we would, she says. But in pursuit of the core mission — seeking accountability and justice for 9

Al-Qaeda was eclipsed after bin Laden’s death by an ultraviolent group that wanted to shift from fighting the United States to creating a new Muslim caliphate. Zawahiri remained a zealot, who despite bin Laden