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Opinion Zawahiri was in ‘downtown Kabul’ because of Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal

President Biden says al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan. Peter Bergen: What was he doing in Kabul? He says Biden said last year that al Qaeda was “gone” from Afghanistan. He says the U.S. should have left a residual force in Afghanistan, preventing the Taliban’s return to power. Bergen says the drone strike destroyed all actionable intelligence he possessed along with him; we might never know what operations was Zawahir was planning and inciting external operations against the United States from Afghanistan, possibly under the protection of the Taliban. The bin Laden raid produced a trove of information on al Qaeda's operations, ongoing plots,

John Avlon: Killing Zawahiri is Biden's greatest foreign policy triumph, but he also deserves blame for creating conditions that allowed him to move to Kabul. Avlon