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Opinion Youngkin’s culture wars are good for him but bad for Virginia business

Don L. Scott Jr. represents Portsmouth in the Virginia House of Delegates, where he is minority leader. He says Gov. Glenn Youngkin's top priority as governor has been to erase equity from state government. Scott: Youngkin’s presidential aspirations have kept the governor laser-focused on culture-war issues that poll well among Republican primary voters in Iowa. Virginia lost stature in 2022 with a lower “workforce” score, he says. Scott says Youngkin will continue to pick his own political aspirations over the best interests of Virginians and the economy. He writes that Democratic governors in other states are looking to recruit businesses from states that would restrict their employees’ bodily autonomy, as Youngkin is to do to do. The governor is hoping hoping hoping

Democrats handed Youngkin record surpluses and a booming economy. Six months later, our growth is stalling as businesses reconsider whether they want to invest in a state