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Opinion Withholding documents is the wrong Trump case for the DOJ to jump on

Donald Trump deserves to be prosecuted for several federal crimes, but withholding classified documents might be the least of his misdeeds, says Julian Zelizer. Zelizer: The dramatic FBI search of Mar-a-Largo exposes the Justice Department to charges that it has gone political. At stake is the credibility the DOJ needs to bring Trump to justice for his most serious offenses, Zelizer says. He says the most prudent exercise of prosecutorial discretion requires the DOJ to focus on its most serious case, especially for Trump's role in the Jan. 6 insurrection and his actions to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Writer: We have yet to see that level of aggression from AG Merrick Garland with regard to Trump’s role in this case. Of course Trump could be indicted

Julian Zelizer: Prosecution of a former U.S. president needs to be worthy of its historic weight. Zelizer says a huge number of Americans would see a criminal case as partisan politics. He says it's legitimate for the Justice Department to consider that Trump received