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Opinion Why would Ukraine kill its own heroes? Don’t fall for Kremlin propaganda.

Frida Ghitis: There is no moral equivalency between Ukraine and Russia. She says Ukrainians are innocent victims of unprovoked aggression; Russians are notorious war criminals and liars. Ghitis says the invaders’ barbarism can seem atavistic and animalistic, but there is a certain logic to their cruelty. The invaders' barbarism isn't working, she says, but it is uniting Ukrainians in armed defense of their nation.Ghitis: Unlike earlier victims of Russian aggression, they have the means to resist the onslaught. Armed with artillery, multiple-launch rocket systems, drones, antitank missiles, antiaircraft missiles and other weapons supplied by the West, the Ukrainians have been fighting back

Peter Bergen: U.S.-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) blamed for deaths of Ukrainian POWs in Olenivka. He says military experts argue photos of the damage do not reveal the telltale signs of a HIMARS strike. Bergen says the Russians don't deserve the benefit of the doubt — and the Ukrainians do.