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Opinion Why Trump has to sell a fantasy of collective persecution

Julian Zelizer: Donald Trump's defenders say it's not about him, but it's about you. He says the claim is vital to maintaining the Republican base's support and passion for him. Zelizer says Trump's economic message was based in truth even as it played on people’s resentments. Trump can’t say he changed any of those fundamental problems, he says, even though he promised to revive the coal industry in Letcher County, Ky., but it was a lie from the beginning. He asks: Why is it more important than ever that every registered Republican is at risk of having their home ransacked by jackbooted government thugs? It's ludicrous; after all could be less about you

Frida Ghitis: It's unlikely Trump will be able to convince a majority of the public that his victory could change their lives for the better. She says the more grubby and personal Trump’s misdeeds are, the more important it is to keep telling the base that story so its allegiance won’t waver. So every absurd Trump story will have to be presented this way: He took those classified documents for you, he cheated on his taxes for you. He tried to