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Opinion Why I’m protesting the Congressional Baseball Game

Mike Tidwell: I’m a lifelong baseball devotee who attends games mostly to forget about politics, not engage in them. Tidwell says he’ll be attending the 87th annual Congressional Baseball Game Thursday at Nationals Park. He says climate change is so huge that it transcends baseball and everything else, but he says climate is the burning up of the whole world. The last Ice Age ended when atmospheric carbon dioxide rose only 80 parts per million (ppm) over a 7,000-year period; now, it’s 418 ppm in the atmosphere and headed much, much higher, Tidwell writes. The real issue: Why do Sen. Joe Manchin and the GOP impose self-serving money politics on the life-or-death scientific reality of global warming?

September should be the month when every young person with an endangered future, every young parent with vulnerable kids, every senior citizen determined to leave a better legacy must come to D.C. and accept responsibility. If Manchin and the Republicans still want to play hardball, then so be it. There's an election in November.