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Opinion Why designating Russia a state sponsor of terrorism is a bad idea

Ingrid Wuerth: Designation of a state sponsor of terrorism is not a symbolic act to chastise states that behave badly. She says it is a legal trigger embedded in an extremely complex statutory and regulatory framework. Wurth: Some of those effects would be negative for Ukraine and for U.S. interests, but they could even help Russia. The designation would also affect sanctions, she says, but most sanctions are already in place in place. The U.K. needs committed allies to isolate Russia, she writes, and more sanctions should be tailored for Russia in the energy sector and against individual officials, Wurchth says. To the extent further sanctions are needed, they should be aimed at Russia, especially in energy sector, she adds.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken should not designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, writes Aaron Miller. Miller: Congress should not attempt to make the designation itself.