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Opinion Why criticism of Democrats for boosting radical Trumpists is wrong

John Avlon: Criticism of Democrats' support of far-right candidate John Gibbs in Michigan primary is overblown and misguided. Avlon says it's a mistake that Democrats made a reasonable balance between risk and reward. He says GOP extremism is becoming the central issue of the 2022 midterm campaign, which will be good for Democrats. But it's worth making some distinctions between extreme candidates and House candidates, Avlon writes. He notes that voters will reject extremism, and that it will push moderate Republicans away from GOP candidates in midterm elections, which is good for the Democrats' base to turn out, and push GOP away from extremism in the U.S. Avlon adds that it's good for them to win in November.

Julian Zelizer: Democrats have only meddled in a few House races. He says the best-case scenario is that they snag a couple of seats they otherwise wouldn’t have, enabling them to hold the House majority. Zelizer says the worst-case is that Democrats lose a few seats they would probably have lost anyway, but instead of being occupied by Republicans who stand with the GOP against that entire progressive agenda, they’d be occupied by GOP members who are also election conspiracists.