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Opinion When it rains on Donald Trump, it pours. And the deluge is just beginning.

John Avlon: Some 79 percent of Americans think Trump acted illegally (45 percent) or at least unethically (34 percent) Avlon says public opinion does shift when the media covers an alarming story for weeks on end. Polls show the percentage of Republicans who want Trump to run for president in 2024 has fallen six points from February, to 44 percent. Trump of all people should understand how the aura of being a “loser” turns people off, he says, and he should understand that he's a "loser" He says Democrats have their largest advantage over Republicans on the congressional generic ballot since September 2021.Avlon: It might have been hard for jaded Beltway reporters to imagine.

John Avlon: Once an investigation picks up steam, it often speeds up exponentially. He says the witnesses with the most knowledge of critical events have every reason to sprint to prosecutors to strike deals. Avlon says some of the witnesses might have already begun cooperating with prosecutors. The public’s view of his conduct grows ever more negative, with possible consequences